Development trends
Although China's microfinance industry still has many problems, but with the changes in the social environment, institutional safeguards and gradually improve, major credit agencies and services emerge, micro-credit has ushered in innovation and development opportunities. With the popularity of P2P abroad, the P2P industry is booming, and there has been security-enhanced version of the P2P lending model-P2C model. "P2P" means "person to person", is an Internet, microcredit and other innovative technologies, innovative financial models are closely related to the new generation form of borrowing, it is familiar or unfamiliar to maximize the individual provides a transparent, open, direct and secure credit transactions. "P2C" Peer to Company, is the traditional security-enhanced version of the P2P lending model. Offers investors a competitive risk real control and return new investment channels and sources of borrowing is strictly limited to one end has a good solid business, can provide a fixed mortgage borrowing needs of small and micro businesses. Since 2009 since the rise of P2P in the country, the entire industry has been the development of high-speed development, and gradually form with Chinese characteristics of various types of P2P companies. Market Shang P2P mode Enterprise roughly is divided into three species type: a, and line online Xia combined of mode, Connaught Connaught pounds guest on belongs to this mode, Connaught Connaught pounds guest has get has authority institutions of certification and Bank funds managed, is industry within more leading of enterprise; II, and pure line Xia business, this belongs to compared traditional of practices, this class company of General do a simple of website for business show, real of business is by sent large salesman to line Xia expand, should be letter is this enterprise, has must risk; three, and similar took took loan, Belong to a pure online mode, all the borrowing by customers themselves determine risk. P2C pattern in the country has yet to develop and mature, investment in love is the first company to P2C mode operation of micro-finance platform on the Internet.
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